A collection of thoughts from me to you.

Welcome Home.

As Always, Something New

Something Random

New Years is my favorite holiday because I love potential. I love thinking about all the things that could be or all the things we could become in just a year’s time. So, here we are back in January and I’m primed and prepped for this beginning.

I feel different this year. This year I actually feel older and wiser. I feel like I learned so much in the last year and I am excited to put all of that good knowledge to use in the days to come. I’ve kind of eased into this year. I stepped in and I’m looking around. I’m ready to make my announcement or make my move but I haven’t yet. I’m waiting to hear from God. It’s been fun to vibe though.

I’m taking this year for me. This is my start to something new… I see you. Watch me.

Do your best to live well and true. You could be showing someone else how to do the same.

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Everything I’m not made me everything I am.

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