Fenty Skin – Rihanna is my life!

Photo by FENTY via NBC

I’m going to be honest but this should come as a surprise to NO ONE that truly knows me…this is a Rihanna Stan Account. We are ALL #Navy here, and we will be forever. In another post on a different day I will talk about why I stan her and some of my other favs so hard but yeah for professionalism’s sake I had to get that info out of the way.

Okay, *whew* now to Fenty Skin…

Y’all, when Fenty Skin dropped and the tweets started rolling in I. WAS. Devastated. Like I was ‘tore (pronounced toe. Don’t worry about it just trust me). I was already set to stan up and down and scream from the highest mountains why I loved the products and why we all needed to pool our money together to buy the house down… and then the girls (the proverbial girls, girl! You know who I’m talking about) started putting out their reviews.

It started with tweets like this:

and then this review dropped:

Please follow her. Seriously. She is everything.

Now as a woman with mildly sensitive skin and an oily T-zone I don’t want to do anything to throw off or hinder all the work that I have been doing throughout quarantine to get my skin right. It is a day to day battle to make sure I am keeping up with my WHOLE ROUTINE and we have no room for error or products that may or may not jack up the process.

That being said I was very much so bolstered by Nayamka’s review. I mean we all know that fragrances in skincare is just not the way to go but this review gave me hope that my face wasn’t going to burn up and fall off immediately.

Now, I will say the Fat Water was what I wanted to buy the most and I’m still working out how witch hazel affects my skin so I probably will be buying that since I do get oily cheeks and forehead that but honestly that’s about it. I can’t see me spending money on anything else at this time just to do it. Not to say I don’t want to buy everything just to support my girl, but the okay-ishness of Nay’s review leaves me wanting and as someone who is heavy into her skin journey I want things that will work for sure stan or not.

What do ya’ll think? Have you tried it? If so let me know; especially my men followers. I want to know what affects it had on your skin so we can compare.

PS: Yes, I know the vid cuts off. CLICK HERE to go to Youtube for her final overall thoughts and to give her a follow. Seriously. She awesome.

PSS: Please also follow the girl from the tweet – @CruzanChoklate. She has an excellent skincare line, is gracious enough to answer random skincare questions on Twitter, and not so nicely reminds her followers to wash our face every night. #skincarebully The love runs deep for her.

One thought on “Fenty Skin – Rihanna is my life!

  1. have been scared to try it because i only got my acne under control a couple of months ago. Im navy though so ill probably get some to have for winter when my skin is naturally a bit less breakout prone.

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