Umm has anyone seen the schedule for Fashion Week?

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Y’all I’m getting worried. Fashion Week Online has not updated their calendar with the dates for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 shows yet. The only thing they have listed so far are a few digital events.

I don’t think I’m early. Am I missing something? Are designers trying to hold out til the last minute to see what others are going to do?

Do you think everything will be digital this season? Since a lot of cities are still banning/suspending large gatherings? At least New York’s will have to be, right? Do you think folks are still going to fly around this year or do you think publications and buyers will think it too dangerous? I’m worried because event though I really liked Balmain’s event, it was more of a 3D/4D experience you know? You could really see the pieces from all angles. I thought some of the Paris digital events from the summer looked more like commercials than anything else. Am I not thinking creatively? What do y’all think?

Edit: I just read that London is confirmed for September 17th – 22nd following strict guidelines from the government. They plan to have both digital and in person shows! I bet those shows are going to be super exclusive. What will New York do I wonder?

One thought on “Umm has anyone seen the schedule for Fashion Week?

  1. Do you think they might be still trying to figure out how to distance? They might be liable (even with release forms/contracts) for any spread they create, or in the case of new york or even paris there might be gathering guidelines they cant yet navigate.


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