Sleep at a time like This?

What do people think about as they’re going to sleep? Because it’s 4:35am again and I got absolutely nothing.

There’s a routine isn’t there? Y’all regular people have a certain thing you do or say every night to go to sleep don’t you? You have to right?

Like okay. I have a meditation practice that I do when I can’t focus but what do regular people do? Like what do y’all do?

Now don’t get me wrong. I can sleep anywhere. Literally name a place and I have slept there. But recently, my bed, at night, has been the hardest place for me to sleep.

So now I turn to you. How do we do this? How does one just get in the bed and go to sleep? It’s so strange to me now. I have no idea how to do this anymore because even when I get in my bed now at a good time I just lay there staring at the ceiling wishing I was sleep.

I envy you – all you easy sleep people.

It’s 4:52am and I still can’t sleep. What to do? Are you like this too?

2 thoughts on “Sleep at a time like This?

  1. I honestly don’t know but maybe its what you’re doing before. Maybe you need an unwinding ritual that starts a couple hours before bed and a set bedtime. Someone told me that one time but I am as sleepless as you seem to be so idk lol.

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