Where do y’all buy cute workout sets?

Health has always been very important to me. My family is full of athletes (Sorry if you are tired of me saying that. I know I say it a lot) but because I have literally been in someone’s gym and on someone’s team since I was five I let my working out schedule kind of dwindle since the start of college.

Every once and a while I will try a new fad diet or “lifestyle” or I will take up a new workout plan – listen, I lost my link to my fave Ms. Olympia workout but if and when I find it y’all will be the first to know – but in all I have just had very little motivation to hold myself to a schedule. One time I ran a 5K everyday for a month and then… I just stopped. Who knows?

I have tried to get out there and work out again but I don’t really care that much for two reasons:

1.) I know as soon as I start working out my body will jump back into shape in 2 to 3 weeks no questions asked so I never reaaaaalllyyy feel out of shape

and possibly the most heinous reason of all

2.) I hate the rigmarole of changing out of day/work clothes into workout clothes/gymwear

Yes, yes you heard that right. The process if getting ready to workout in the gym is what I hate the most. Once I’m clothed and in there warming up and lifting and stretching I love it. I feel alive and free and happy. I love the gym so much that I rarely, if ever, listen to music because I just like to vibe in the atmosphere with everyone else so much. Honestly and truly, my only annoyance is changing clothes to finally start my workout. Lol

Anyyywaays, I am going to starting working out again. Pray that it sticks this time? I am thinking that I will maybe try and find some cute gym clothes to wear and then I will be more motivated? I don’t know. As of right now, don’t tell anyone, but I rarely buy clothes to work out in. Since I haven’t grown any bigger or smaller since high school I just wear my workout gear from all my team sports back then. I have supplemented that wardrobe with a few sets of yoga pants and shorts from Target and Walmart but a resounding number or my shirts are from yesteryear. It also doesn’t help that I recently worked at a college and was given at least 5 shirts a year as well. I have t-shirts for days!

So, where do you all buy performance gear? I recently bought some great shorts at Academy, the local sporting goods store, but I wonder if I am missing out on other affordable and fun brands and places to try. I am asking for recommendations for outerwear, shoes, the whole nine yards. Just let me know. Maybe then I will be in the mood to workout but honestly…it’s too early to tell.

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