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I would like to start this off by saying I am not a fan of, nor do I believe in, the mythology of the Thanksgiving Day Celebration. What I came here to write about today and what I do appreciate however, is the idea of people taking time out once a year to stop, reflect, and give thanks for their families, friends, and their many blessings. I come from a big family and it has always been such a special time for us to sit down and commune with each other with grateful heads and hearts. I appreciate the day because of the mindset that it puts me in for the rest of the year.

I guess that’s why it saddens me to see so many folks have begun to straight up abandon the day and the thankfulness and introspection that it is meant to inspire before the extended Christmas season. I would posture that really taking the time to give thanks for all that we have and have been able to do would put us all in a better headspace and spirit to celebrate the Holiday Season that comes on this day’s heels. We would be able to approach whatever holiday we hold dear with more reverence and less focus solely on it’s commoditization.

How do you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving? Am I the only one who feels like it had become a necessary speed bump on the way to what everyone is really here for – Christmas?

Please note again that I do not condone the celebrating of Thanksgiving in the way that we all celebrated it in Elementary school! Also know that I don’t rock with the myths that they sold us on the day and its participants then either. I think the day in its original form is dreadful and I personally would be totally fine celebrating my introspective version of the day of Thanksgiving on a totally different day and time. I do believe however that we should recognize and celebrate Native American Heritage Day on the fourth Friday of November (which is Native American Heritage Month) and hold space in remembrance of those who were exploited and murdered for land and power.

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