I get the most inspiration at night. Around three o’clock in the morning when everyone is sleep and I can hear the cars moving by outside. That’s when I feel the most comfortable. That’s when I feel the most at peace. I’m not sure why. That’s when I feel the world is most at peace. Silence envelops you. Silence is complete. That is when I can sit here and just let words flow out of my head onto the screen with no concern. No circumstance. I feel comfortable in my dark. My shroud created. I can really get my feelings, my me out on screen.

A lot of times I want to share with folks but I am not sure that they are ready for the things that I want to tell them. I over think a lot. Which I think is a good thing…until it’s not. Usually it serves me well. Sometimes my head gets crowded with facts, and antecedents, and anecdotes, and rhymes, and plans.

A lot of things in the future. A lot of things I am waiting to say and waiting to do. I have begun to write them down. I have created plans in my head to set them free from me and give them to you, the world. These plans feel heavy.

Words are my creative lane. My paint brush. What is yours? How do you give to the world?

I have learned not to share all of my thoughts with others because people do not consider things as deeply as I do and they do not carefully measure their words like I do. Sometimes my sharing isn’t worth the pain their snap reactions cause.

Okay. I am done. I feel free.

Next time I’ll give you more of me.

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