The Final Push

I have been pushing myself this year and I have one more big thing left to do and I’m terrified.

Starting school was hard enough. Working through the truncated classes at warp speed was crazy but I have been avoiding looking at my grades. My philosophy in life has always been pour yourself into everything you do, be as perfect as you can be, and you will succeed.

I have come to realize however that sometimes my version of perfection cannibalizes my life, my self-worth, and/or my sanity. So I tried to practice my mindful behavior and better boundaries for myself this semester.

I will admit, things did not always go to plan. I was not good at keeping a proper sleep schedule. I spent a lot of time agonizing over minute details of projects and papers. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted but I pushed myself and I think I grew some. So here’s to me as I make this final push for the year and check my grades. I hope I did as well as I wanted but I know if I did not I did as well as I needed.

Keep reaching for the stars kids. Streeeetch yourself and your expectations and listen to yourself when you should. You have your best interest in mind and things will always end up how they should.

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