Golden Delicious

I have a lot of work to do today but for some reason I can’t get over the hump of starting it. I have all the tabs open and I’ve been setting up everything I am supposed to be working on. I have even begun to strategize about how to do the work in my head…but I just can’t seem to get anything down on paper.

I feel kind of sluggish and slow. Weirdly seasick?

I work in front of this large picture window and there is a nice tree that captures all the light of the day in it. It is Fall here so the leaves are a nice green-yellow like my favorite Golden Delicious apples when they are a little past due. It looks like it feels warm; like a warm breeze.

So I decided to write because sometimes I need to write to get things going in my head and to get my inspiration to move on to the next thing. I also think I just want to talk to someone about all the situations that I am going over in my head. Just to get things sorted out or at least in their right spots you know? I need to get organized within myself before I start working on my other projects. I find that getting words down on paper (or on here) helps to center me sometimes. Or at least gives all the words running around in my head a place to be instead of clogging up my soul.

Writing wakes me up…but just in case I looked at buying a Seasonal Depression lamp too…

What gets you going during the day?

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