Superior Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Chirstmas is my favorite time of the year! Yes, I love the family togetherness. Yes, I know that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Yes, I love the Pilsbury Christmas themed cookies but what I love the MOST is giving gifts!

I love giving gifts.

I love, love, love giving my family gifts.

Having money and being able to spend however much I want on my family members and friends and their kids is literally my favorite thing to do. (Seriously, invite me to your baby shower. I will NOT disappoint!) It is so much so my favorite thing to do that I usually start in the Summer jotting down gift ideas and getting thoughts together on who I should spend the most on this year (it rotates every year) and what the themes should be and what genre of thing I should focus on for each person. I love for my gifts to have a purpose or fulfill a need that someone didn’t know they had or to answer a question that the person didn’t even know to ask.

The best part about giving gifts is even though I never give them anything on their list – I am never wrong. Ever. Ask my family. I DON’T MISS! I DON’T MISS! Even if the gift is not as expensive – I don’t miss. In the heat of (battle) last minute Christmas shopping I don’t miss. I kill it every year.

So, even though this year is a little different from the others in the past and even though we will not be able to go out and about shopping like we usually do; I have had no shortage of gift ideas in my head. Unfortunately, because my family likes to randomly support me and read my posts every once and a while I can’t list what I’m going to get them on here but I can give you some ideas about how I am able to get great gifts for my friends and family every single time.

1.) Think about what they have been doing this year. Have they started a new hobby? Do they like a new artist? Have they been really interested in visiting a certain place? Once you have located that thing that they have really been jazzed about consider what one would need in a perfect world to make that process easier or more enjoyable. If they have taken up cooking, what would make that easier? If they love music, what would make their listening more enjoyable or superior? By thinking through those processes you might be able to pinpoint a need that they have.

2.) Think back to the conversations that you have had with them this year. Did they mention a thing they were struggling with? Have they been looking for a certain pair of shoes that would be best for work? Have they been unable to complete tasks because they haven’t been feeling well? Maybe you can locate something in their daily processes that they would never think to ask for that you could give them. Last year my mothers phone had been on the fritz so she finally finally got a new phone. Her new phone was great and she was able to get things going with her business and her personal projects again but they problem was that she kept forgetting that she couldn’t charge her phone and use her headphones at the same time. I looked over her list and even though she hadn’t mentioned an adapter I got her one that would let her do both of those things at the same time. It changed her daily processes, was something she didn’t realize she needed, but she was very excited about it. Simple, useful, excellent gift.

3.) Finally, look for ways to complement your persons life. If your friend or family member is having a new baby or getting a puppy think about things that you would want if you had one of those things. Or think about stuff that might be frivolous and cute but people would never buy for themselves because it is not “useful” or “necessary”. I like to get all of my newlywed friends keychains with their new last name or new last name letter on it for their new sets of keys or robes with their new last names on it. Something they might already have or don’t necessarily need but will still love to use because it signifies a new start to their life. My friends have had daughters and I bought them both big boxes of bows to use for their girls as they grow because it is something that I love and that they will need/want but haven’t thought about it.

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