One Last Frivolity to Share on 2020

I don’t want to say that this year has been weird but it certainly has not been like any year that we could have expected. I mean yeah, you make goals and vision boards, then you work and aspire, and you know that there are some things that are attainable on the list but most of them are just things that you include to make you feel good – to make you feel like you have some purpose or that your life is worth living. But nothing could have prepared any of us worldwide for this year. And trust, the people that were able to make it out alive and profit from this year did it only because of luck and some good gumption because everyone, on earth, was steering blind.

Every year on December 31, I think back on the big things that happened in my life that I am grateful for and the things that I still hope for. I am one who values potential and making the most of every situation you are in. I feel like that way I am assured that, at least, I gave my best and did my all. After that? It’s out of my hands.

Twenty years from now I think I will look back on this year as a year that answered. This was a year that allowed a few things in my life to be okay. It took me for a spin but it delivered in the end. The end wasn’t sweet. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles but it gave me so much that I could work with. It gave me hope that what I have been doing in life, though not exactly what I thought it was supposed to be, will turn out all right in the end if I just take it one step at a time and see it through.

I’ve learned a lot of things. Realized a lot of growth. Figured out how to hold on. I also know when to let go. These are the important things. These are good. They will last – of that you can be sure.

They are 2020.

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