Fenty Skin Fat Water is SERIOUSLY as refreshing as this picture looks

Picture via Pop Sugar

My little sister got my Fenty Fat Water for Christmas and I dedicated the month of January to trying it out.

As we know I have have the classic t-zone situation on my face: forehead and nose always shiny with oil by the end of the day and cheeks and under my nose/around my mouth are normal to dry. To date I have used Mario Badescu WITCH HAZEL & LAVENDER TONER (I truly love it. Juuusssttt make sure you but the accompanying Mario Badescu A.H.A. & CERAMIDE MOISTURIZER or your face will literally dry up and fall off) and I have used the Heritage Store Rosewater Facial Toner at my sister’s insistence too (literally don’t do this if you have combo skin. Instead of sinking in it stayed on my face in a sticky beautiful smelling but oily mess all night and it was upsetting the next morning). But as we all know when Rihanna drops anything I WANT it. So, I was very happy to use my gift.

Okay! On to the review!

The first week of using it I was on unsure. My night time routine (when I use the most toner though I haven’t been wearing make-up at home) consists of a face washing maneuver, toner, then some kind of moisturizing situation. I can’t get into details on that just yet because I have some other tests that I am running and I want to make sure I like things before I share. Anyway, the first time I put the toner on I didn’t like it. True to the name it it essentially FAT water: slightly viscous and definitely sticky on my face. I was anxious. I didn’t want Rih to let me down.

But as the week wore on I realized that I has been applying too much. I began to only squirt out a little more than a pad of my finger tip’s worth and massage it into my skin.


By the second week my face had gotten used to the toner/serum (whew, gotta love two-in-ones) and my overnight oil production started to decrease.

Now here we are almost a month later and I still love it. I haven’t used more than a fifth of the bottle but I use it at least once a day. It is working hand-in-hand with my other products on evening out my skin tone (this is the overall goal) and hydrates very well. My pores still look good and my one fine line is sticking in there but hey who isn’t. lol We’ll give it some more time on that one.

Overall, I would give it a seven. I don’t believe in full tens and I still love the smell and feel of the Mario Badescu more (ONLY WITH THE ACCOMPANYING MOISTURIZER) BUT unless a new insane toner comes out on the market and fixes people’s faces overnight I am going to be buying this for a while. It keeps my skin hydrated, has helped lighten my skin, and I love the name. Plus it’s a serum too.

Buy it and tell me what you think. If you have it, does it work for you?

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