I’m still UPSET so I’m venting- Super Bowl LV

Screenshot of tweets from chiefswire.usatoday.com – Just so you know my anger isn’t unfounded.

As someone who not only loves sports but has played tons and tons of them in the past, the first half of this years Super Bowl was absolutely unwatchable.

I am slightly more than the casual fan of football and to have to sit there and watch how the refs gave that game to Tom Brady was unbearable.

One could argue, okay why didn’t the Chiefs just adjust? Or one could say, why didn’t the Chiefs stop committing penalties? Or one could insist that if it was just in the first quarter/half why didn’t the Chiefs use the rest of the time to play up, get their sea legs underneath them (pun intended), and win.

To all of that I say: PLEASE! You must not have played sports before. If you had you would know that momentum and rhythm is really important to have in critical games and if you aren’t allowed to get or keep that going you won’t be able to win the game no matter what.

To everyone, it seemed that the Chiefs were poised to bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy back home to KC this year. But right from the beginning of the game you could tell that something was off: their O-line was a little weak because they were missing three key players due to Covid-19 and injury and every time they begin to turn the tide of the game and begin to get some kind of momentum started they were called for a penalty…especially in the first quarter of the game.

It honestly became almost comical in the way that the Chief’s defense would shut down a Tampa play but get it called back for regular NFL defense. All the while every time the Chief’s offense would get something going they would get blasted by the Bucs yet NO CALLS came their way.

Why do I have all of these feelings about just the first half? Oh, because after half way through the third quarter I left my dad and brothers to watch and started an art project in protest. lol

How did you feel about the game? Am I just complaining because I am a super heavy bandwagon fan, since I started watching Pat, Trav and, Eric Bieniemy work together? Is it because I had a terrible experience at the Bucs’ stadium when I went to Tampa for my college’s Bowl Game there? Is it because I hate when my team doesn’t win? Is it all of the above?

Whatever. lol I like who I like and that is not Tom Brady’s Bucs. So there. Also if anyone else was excited about this game and actually wanted the Buccaneers to win we would still be talking about the game on ESPN and other outlets. It was historic and only a week and a half ago. But you haven’t heard anything about it except for some pictures of Tom Brady drunk on a boat. Ugh. lol

Anyway let’s move on to March Madness…

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