A COVID-19 Year Wrap-up

Literally the cutest COVID-19 graphic ever via young.scot/get-informed

I can’t believe it’s been a year y’all! Think back to a year ago: when you woke up every morning what did your day look like? How were you living your life?

Now, how have those things changed during the Pandemic? How has your time spent evolved?

How different are your days? How are they the same?

Tomorrow we will have gone a whole year living through the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and I think it would be interesting to see how people’s habits and way of life have evolved and changed over this year. A longitudinal study, of sorts, that explores the lives of a few different people as they lived through this year and how each of the crazy things that happened during this time have affected them.

On social media you can see that some people have lost and then re-gained weight. A few people have learned and mastered hobbies. I know a woman who started and exploded a business; honestly we probably all do. Many people have also been exposed to racial, class, and societal issues this year like never before. My youngest brother, who’s standard pizza order is Meatlovers extra cheese, even decided to be vegan for almost seven months…it was a crazy year.

I wish I could have known just how long and intensive this was going to be because I would have set something up with a few friends and asked that we journal together. That would have been exciting. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity because that would have been so interesting to see.

What changes did I implement in my life?

1.) I had decided early last year that I needed to start sharing my feelings with other people more. I have done that a lot during the pandemic and will definitely keep doing so. I know that time on this earth is short and I don’t want anyone that I love (friends or family) to wonder about my feelings for them. So I will share. I have also been sharing when people have hurt my feelings so that I don’t have to hold that hurt by myself. So far, it has been an interesting exercise. As a naturally shy person it is hard to sometimes initiate those conversations but I have been getting better and better at doing so.

2.) I taught myself how to build this site. I built it and updated it and begin sharing with you. I was a long and hard but exciting journey. I have tried to be consistent with deciding on content, writing, and sticking with a posting and updating schedule. School and life have gotten in the way sometimes but I always get back on the horse as soon as I can. This exercise has bee a learning one and I have really enjoyed writing and interacting with you all. To all of you who follow me: I appreciate you all sticking with me. The best is yet to come.

3.) I downloaded an app early on in the pandemic that kept track of my Intermittent fasting and I am coming up on a full year of being dedicated to fasting. It has been a fun and challenging experience but I enjoyed being disciplined about it. I will share more about it when I hit a year. I am so excited.

4.) In January I committed to doing yoga or stretching some every day. I think it was in her 73 Questions with Vogue (one of my favorite video series by the way) that Donatella Versace says that she hadn’t missed a day of work out in over 18 years. I was shocked when she answered but then she said “even if it’s just five minutes.” That struck me because I LOVE to work out but sometimes getting ready for it just seems like such a production. I would love to make that kind of commitment so I am going to try and do the same thing…even if it’s just for five minutes.

5.) Finally, I have started doing things scared. I have so many projects that I want to do and ideas that pop-up in my mind. I usually would find time and space to convince myself not to follow those dreams to reality but this year I decided if not when I am sitting at home wishing there were other things to do, when? I have written since I new how to form sentences yet, this is still the first time that my writing has ever seen the light of day. I attended at a few professional networking events, signed up for a very involved volunteer project without knowing all the details, I am teaching myself how to code, I started making simple mixed-media art, and I have a few more major things up my sleeve. All of those things I knew I wanted to do better or stop being afraid of and I finally did them.

So what about you? What did you do this year that was out of the ordinary for you? How have you evolved this year? What shaped you or what changes have you made? I would love to hear from you!

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