Ev’ry 1ce

Every once and a while things will be different.

People will be out of place. You will wonder why it happened and what pushed people away.

I wonder when and if things will change. I wonder what made you forget my name. I wonder who I am when you think of me. I wonder if my hurt will ever set me free.

In my life I am dealing with a lot of pain. A lot of things I am letting go. It causes me shame, but I know,

that things aren’t always what I feel. I know that my hurt isn’t always what’s real.

So, I push very hard past my truth and the lies.

I push very hard part the tears in my eyes.

I grab hold of the things that I know are the truth.

I grab hold of the things that I know about you … and me and us and the things we went through. I grab hold to them and accept that I miss you and that you miss me too.

Every once and a while.


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