The Best Nude Shoe – A Running List

I have been obsessed since high school with finding the perfect nude pump and stiletto. I flew very close to the sun in college with a Jessica Simpson patent leather, peep-toe platform heel that was apparently legendary worldwide. So much so that ,I saw a thread on Twitter about it the other day. Alas, that was almost a decade ago and those shoes have seen me through thick and thin so I retired them – for better or worse.

So, now I have reinstated my search and will keep a running list here of all the best, high quality nude shoes that I find for dark skinned women. If you have any suggestions or know of any great companies please feel free to leave a comment so that I can check them out and, quite possibly, add them to the list. If you have tried any of the shoes on the list and have reviews, good or bad, feel free to leave comments on those too!

  1. Brother Vellies – The Nudes

I mean I could write more and explain but Aurora said it all. The founder and creative force behind Brother Vellies I am always in awe about how purposeful and intentional Aurora is and this collection is a testament to her detail. My favorite is the Ribbon Pump in Cicely. I want it. Bad. Of course the Nude Pump in Cicely is amazing too.

Ribbon Pump in Cicely

Click on either picture to take a look at the whole collection. You really, really should.


I have only recently found out about KAHMUNE but I really appreciate the variety of nudes that they have and the way that they help their customers match the shoes to their skin tones USING POPULAR MAKE-UP BRANDS! Honestly ingenious?! I also think the names of the shades of shoes that they sell is excellent. I am looking at the Becky Pump in either 90mm or 110mm. My color is Enugu and I want either the suede or the patent. I can’t make my mind up but I am leaning towards the suede. They have a showroom in Atlanta that I wouldn’t mind taking a trip for… I love trying on shoes!

PS: They also sell tennis shoes and bags in the same colors!!

3. Amina Abdul Jillil


Though Amina Abdul Jillil doesn’t have a specific line set aside for nude shoes for women of color, all of their most popular shoes do come in at least two different “nude” colors that would easily blend with our skin tones. A jewel-encrusted line of glamorous offerings, my favorites are the SOLEIL SLINGBACK and the SOLEIL OPEN TOE. Brown would be the color that I chose but I might also buy them in that ruby Red as well.

4. Salone Monet

Let’s be honest, you all know that I am not really a flats kind of girl BUUUUTTT as I was dong research for this post I came across this picture and was immediately intrigued. I like the block heel, I love the pointed toe, and the nuance in the color is amazing. I am so, so, happy to have found Salone Monet. The Anita Bank with it’s cathedral heel and recessed platform is calling my name. The best part? It’s HAND DYED! I really need to get this shoe… Also if you see this and want to help a growing company CLICK HERE to donate to her campaign. I want to see them win for sure.

5. Katie Biltoft – Wheeewwww! Issa Update! I’m lit!


It was the Nomi that first drew me to Katie Biltoft. I saw it on a Insta reel and had to source it IMMEDIATELY! A sister to the Lucre (on the left) the Nomi had a “semi-transparent Perspex strap” that ran delicately across the wearers toes and it was heaven on earth. Literally Barbie shoes incarnate. Perfect. Katie Biltoft describes her footwear as “sleek yet extravagant” and honestly that doesn’t do the shoes justice. Handmade in London, Katie Biltoft uses only Italian leather and hardware and every single one of the pieces are more beautiful than the next. Pictured on the left is the LUCRE in ESPRESSO and on the right is the SESSO in SICILIAN SUMMER both made from kid suede and both warm and subtle enough to appear inconspicuously nude on their wearer. Don’t let that stop you from checking out the rest of her collection though. I mean if the promise of a 120mm ultra thin solid steel heel doesn’t pull you in the emerald green SESSO in SERPENT or the SERVITÙ in color AEGEAN made of Italian denim definitely will and don’t even get me staaarrted on THESE!

6.) Rebecca Allen – Update number two because we always got the new, new…

Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute! A Nude for every Occasion.

On a cold and rainy Friday and I ducked into Nordstrom in-between meetings to pass the time. Of course, I meandered through the shoe section just to get an idea of what the summer shoe offerings were when I saw them: a whole line of shoes in beautiful shades of brown. I rushed over, immediately doubting myself, but sure enough they were all variations on a theme. A well-appointed and good looking line of shoes made specifically for girls looking for nude footwear for EVERY occasion. Each shoe on display was a different shade, to highlight the value proposition of the brand but the shoes were also handsomely made shoes – stylish, made with quality leather, and beautiful craftsmanship. They were soft, sturdy, and lightweight.

Have you ever seen anything more perfect and comfy looking? I want two pair!

Manufactured in Porto Alegre, Brazil, there are five different nude shades available to the Rebecca Allen woman. The types of shoes include all of the usual suspects but my favorite offering from her are The Loafer, Nude II. This is the first time I have seen a loafer made specifically in a nude pallet. The Mule, Nude II, introduced this spring is very cute and comfortable looking too. I have included the link to the proper website above but here is the Nordstrom link as well. While I feel it is important to buy from the actual designer, I want us to make our money seen and heard in large luxury corporations so that we can continue to have more and more lines like this readily available to us. If you purchase please let me know what you think!

Okay remember! Please leave me comment with any reviews or suggestions that you might have for me and I will try to add them to the list. Kay byeee! Happy Shoe Shopping!

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