10 minute ABs – Workout Jumpstart





Vaccines are on the rise and there are only a few days left before our favorite month of the year, May my birth month duh!, begins.

This means that our Summer bodies (aka your body in whatever state it’s when it’s finally warm because no one has time for gatekeeping other people’s bodies) need to be ready to go for all of the Besties Only Boat Day or beach vacays you have scheduled.

Now, as y’all know, I LOVE the gym but I literally haven’t been to one in years. All of the working out, yoga, and stretching I do has been at home where I can transition in and out of my practices easily.

So today, I wanted to share an oldie but goodie that I love with you! My boo (in my head) Kayla Nicole’s Strong Is Sexy: 10 Minute AB Workout.

I love the video because the she starts off with an affirmation and emphasizes good technique at a steady pace throughout. In the video description she also gives viewers a realistic expectation of what working out looks like for different bodies and encourages all of us to do whats best for us individually,

She only has three workout videos on her Youtube channel right now but you can find the rest of her body positive workouts and affirmations on her Instagram below. I’ll include a post that focuses on glute exercises since those are my favorite ones to do. Follow her and let me know what you think!

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