Choose Yourself

The older that I get in life the more that I realize how much creating things and helping people really mean to me.

Maybe it is because I have long felt relegated to the sidelines in relationships. Maybe it is because I have always wanted to be able to express myself in a way but every time I tried I was told it wasn’t good enough. Maybe it is because making something from my brain come alive brings me catharsis and then watching it affect other people when they truly get it makes me feel like home.

Yeah. Definitely for all of those reasons.

My Birthday was this past weekend. I’m sorry I didn’t get to post. I really am.

I wanted to do something big and exciting for my post and I wanted to do something big and exciting for my birthday but I think both things: my usual Thursday post time and my Birthday passed without a whisper.

I made the decision when I turned 25 to always celebrate myself, even when I don’t feel like others are doing it and especially when I know they aren’t doing it like I would.

The older I get the more I am learning to trust and rely on myself because sometimes you are the only you, you got.

So, as we move into June I want to remind all of you to celebrate yourself always and do everything that you can to show yourself love. You will be glad you did. independence

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