I need help House-Hunting in Paris

Photo via parisperfect.com

Friends, in an exciting twist of fate, and honestly a lot of hard work an prayer, I need to find a place to live overseas for a few months.

I have begun to cobble together a few places to peruse (read: scour) but I would very much appreciate any outside help I could get from you all.

When I have gone to Europe in the past it hasn’t ever been for more than a few weeks – so hotels have usually done the trick. I will however, be spending the Fall in Europe and I need your recommendations on the best portal to use to find housing. The following have been suggested to me so far:

  • Rentalo (rentalo.com)
  • VRBO (vrbo.com)
  • Interhome (interhome.us)
  • Barclay International (www.barclayweb.com)
  • AirBnB
  • and Villas International (villasintl.com)

Do you all know any other places that I can use?

PS: I plan to travel as much as I can while I’m there so I would love cheap travel sites and tours that wouldn’t be terrible in the Fall as well.

Thank you my friends!

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