Slather me in IXORA Botanical Beauty’s Clear Complexion Brightening Lotion and Lay Me To Rest – A Skincare Review

So, I told y’all I would tell you about my newest moisturizer a few months ago after I tested it out, and I figure since I’m about to order some more I might as well give you an update on how it is saving my life.

I bought IXORA Botanical Beauty’s Clear Complexion Brightening Lotion around Thanksgiving and I was excited to give it a try, as I have followed Mercedes Edney, the Skin Care Bully, for a while and have witnessed EPIC changes in multiple people’s skin and appearance in the brief time that I have been her follower. (I say brief because I have been on Twitter for over a decade. Shhh… don’t tell anybody lol.) She is a Licensed Esthetician and Skincare expert that has been encouraging girls, and Black girls especially, to take control of their skincare routine, not to slack on taking off their make up and washing their faces every night, and to ALWAYS ALWAYS use sunscreen.

Her product line, IXORA is most known for its products that contain Donkey Milk because of the way that they help to moisturize your skin. The IXORA site calls Donkey Milk Extract “a superb moisturizing ingredient that has the ability to absorb 50 times its weight in water.” It also says that “Donkey milk is the closest substitute for women’s breast milk based on its pH level and nutritional makeup. It is rich in vitamin E, amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, D, E, Omega 3 and 6. It contains high amounts of calcium and has four times less fat than cow’s milk.” Customers on Twitter and on the site reported that their acne and breakouts were lessoned after using the soaps and moisturizers. Their skin was also not as inflamed as it usually was and that they had less redness.

However, as I perused her site to determine what would be the best thing for me to buy right now, since I am a student on a budget, I settled on the Clear Complexion Brightening Lotion because I wanted to get rid of the acne scars that I have on my cheeks and some general hyperpigmentation. The site calls the lotion “an oil free moisturizer that is great for spot treatment or all over both face and body to help even out your skin tone.” So, I figured that I could work on this during the Winter and by the Summer I could be make-up free. I also figured that after I got things going on shrinking those spots and I would add the Donkey Milk products to help keep further hyperpigmentation away.

Now, before I bought the product I had read a few reviews about customers whose skin had begin to clear up almost immediately after they started using the moisturizer. I figured, however, that those reviews were just overzealous brand loyalists that were excited about the product. I thought that up until the middle of my second week using it when I realized that the acne scars on my cheeks were indeed starting to fade. My face felt and looked smoother too. I couldn’t believe it. The product goes on smooth, feels light upon application, and above all it makes your face feel completely moisturized. It also has an overall pleasant smell.

It has now been six months after my first application and the dark spots on my cheeks have cleared up immensely. The only ones left are those that were deeper set into my skin. Even my forehead scars from long ago are lightening up thanks to my daily application of the product. I have had less breakouts every month (read: I only get little bumps around my period) and my skin looks nice and shiny. I finally used the last drop of my Brightening Lotion a few weeks ago and when I say I was stressed trying to order more that is an understatement.

In all, I am very, very pleased with the product. I used literally every last drop of it, rubbing it intro my face in an even layer everyday towards the end of my skincare routine. It doesn’t take a lot to work, just consistency and care. Trust me you will see results.

Edit: The Ixora Botanical Beauty site look and prices have recently been updated but from what I can tell the skincare excellence is still the same. I am currently trying another moisturizer for research purposes but I will be trying this again closer to the summer. I will provide y’all with an update for sure!

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