What do y’all want to see?

Hello friends,

Now that the world is opening back up I want to add a section on here where I talk about my favorite spots to eat, relax, visit, and stay in my favorite cities. This was part of the reason that I started the site because I love to find places like that and share it with my friends and I wanted to have a place where these recommendations live online for me to look back to as well.

However, as I set this up, I wonder where would be the best place to put these kinds of recommendations and reviews. I think I have three options:

1.) I could put it on a stand alone page where I just update the page with new entries but I can see that you all sometimes forget to check those pages because I don’t have as much traffic on my Lists and Wellness pages as I do my other pages; even thouuugghhh they get updated just as regularly with things that I love and think that you all love too.

2.) I know that I could also add it to my Travel section because then when folks are traveling they would know, “Okay I can go to this section to get recommendations for each city.” However for me its not always technically traveling since some of these are just places where I live my life that I want to share with you all.

3.) Finally, I could make it another stand alone page like the Travel, Blog, and Beauty pages that would just aggregate all of the things that I post under similar category headlines.

What do y’all think? As I write this, I think Option 3 might be the best option to do because it would be a separate space but I could still add things that I think are Travel related to that page as well. Also, because I have moved so much in the last year, I might make a Living section too. Mostly because I have VERY strong opinions on furniture and cleaning hacks lol.

Is that too much? What do you all think? Let me know below.

Signed, Me

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