Fendi Resort 2022 – The Statement

So, work has slowed down my runway consumption this Summer but I recently was able to take in Fendi’s RESORT 2022 and Kim Jones should be crowned King of My Life because I swear everything in this collection was what I scoured stores and the internet for this summer – easy to live in separates in neutrals and an occasional statement pattern.

What I liked the most was that each piece had movement and made space for the wearer to accentuate her shape and her most prized assets – no matter what they are. Even the looks that hugged the body look like they would be flattering on any body type. I appreciate the forethought.

Jones called this a capsule collection. Which I think means that he took the pieces that performed the best from the last Fendi show and gave us more of what we loved – think variations on a theme. Even still there was a lot of innovation in the looks that were presented and we were still left wanting more.

Surprisingly, this was my favorite look:

FENDI Resort 2022 Look 15

It is only surprising because, of course, as well all know, neutrals are my go to but for some reason this deep orange spoke to me. Perhaps it is the muted “marbled look” that I really really appreciate. It is arresting without being to busy or flashy. Again there is movement in the garment but, because the tones of the colors are muted, it still seems demure. I’d wear everything here but the bag and that’s only because I still prefer solid bags.

I really want that coat and those tights. We LOVE a good design on tights.
This coat looks like warmth embodied and that hair clip? Devine.

Don’t forget the navy’s and the cream looks too because they again speak to the stylish comfortability of the collection. Honestly the more that I look at the clothes the more I think that Jones took the athleisure, or maybe just leisure, of the COVID-19 era and transitioned it into something more highbrow and “outside” appropriate.

Please all the time yes!

So, if you are looking for the summer collection that I would buy and wear actually TODAY? This is it. I mean Jones even made a “marbled look” in these cooler tones of the grey and I appreciate the transition into a darker look without it the design being totally washed out and without inspiration.

The one thing that I will definitely be on the lookout for are the boots in the featured pic on the left. A short snakeskin boot has been calling my name for the past two years and a lot of designers have done that look but this distinct sand color and the architectual heel are to die for.

Overall, its a 10 out of 10.

Ugh, I love Resort Season.

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