I needed a Plant Shop – So, I found 50 Black-Owned Plant Shops

Now, y’all know that I usually write my own posts or articles because that’s what I love to do. Recently, I was looking to purchase some plants to make me happy and continue my quest to live as one with nature without having to endure being outside all the time.

So, I went online and looked up Black-Owned Plant shops because we are always looking to buy from and support the people – it is truly my favorite thing.

Google pulled up a ton of places for me to look through and shop at but it also pulled up this very helpful listicle from a site that I really enjoy.

So, without any further ado:

50 Black-Owned Plant And Plant Accessory Shops To Support

by Parker Diakite 

Look how happy she looks!

Here is the list. Here is the author. Here is the beautiful cover photo and here is your chance to support both TravelNoire, one of my favorite sites, and 50 Black plant shop owners in your quest to become a true naturalist, like me.

Personally, Grounded really spoke to me and they embrace the art of decompression and mindfulness.

Check everthing out and let me know what you buy!

Happy Planting!

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