Weekend Plans We Made

When you are in a new city and you are looking for something to do where do you go? Do you use the city magazine and their website on their calendar? Or do you type into Google to search for something to do? How do you find out about fun and exciting things in the city that you are visiting?

I feel like there a some people that can be in a new place and immediately get plugged into all of the things that are happening. They know all of the night life, all of the best restaurants, and all of the coolest places to shop. Then there are people like me who do their research – combing calendars and websites, and consulting social media for ideas on where to go and what to do. Sometimes I even take to the streets to get the local vibe to pinpoint the hotspots.

Last weekend, I did both things and came up with a litany of activities to do for the weekend. I rode the rain downtown immediately after work and went to an outdoor concert, after buying some allergy medicine. I took a sightseeing stroll down a major street and stopped in a restaurant that I had a special going on. Then a I meet up with a friend of mine and we went on a whole night time adventure including: a packed club, a speakeasy with THE MOST perfect DJ, and finally got some famous late night eats at a Chicago staple. All of that on a Friday night!

But now as I move to a new place for the Fall, especially a place where I only barely speak the language, I am keen to know what others do. Is it different in Europe? Can I just social media stalk, website comb, and talk to folks to make my Paris dreams come true? Or do I need to make a more concerted plan?

Let me know in the comments below!

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