The Best Vacation Itinerary Template

Last week I wrote about planning for vacations. So today, I thought I might share the template that I use to create my vacation itineraries in case any of you wanted to use it for any of your upcoming Weekend Stays or Girlfriend’s Getaways!

As you can see, I organize things around general time periods in the day instead of specific times. I find that doing that makes people like me, who at least want to have a glanceable list of activities on the agenda for the day, feel secure. Meanwhile, those who are less worried about where and when don’t feel constrained to specific times and dates. Overall, I think it makes everyone’s weekend feel more fluid.

Right now, it is in a Four-day Getaway template mode because that is one of my favorite lengths for trips: long enough to get there and feel like you really did a bunch of things but not long enough to miss too many days of work or other at home activities. However, if you add another day at the end of the calendar you can do a whole week of travel fun; while subtracting a day makes for a perfect Weekend Adventure trip.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or want to know how I fill the template with ideas and places to go. Hopefully, this is helpful!

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