A Brita Abroad

One of the things that has been saving me now that I am abroad is my Brita water bottle that my mother bought me a few Christmases ago.

I woke up last night with a huge headache needing to take some Advil and was able to get up, fill up my water bottle from the sink, and get right back in the bed. It was honestly a passing thought as I was clearing out my apartment for my sublet but I am SO glad that I thew it in my bag.

My mom got it for me that year because, as we all know, I love drinking water but worked at a school, so I was afraid to drink out of the water fountain (college kids are the original Patient Zero) and the filtered water station was too far from my office for me to go once an hour (the people I worked with were upset that I left my desk so much, “What if we need you and you’re gone?”).

However, now that I am on France I have also been using the bottle a ton because:

1.) bottled water costs sooo much money and

2.) we all know that when you travel in Europe it’s sparking water only – but sparking water doesn’t quench my thirst as much.

I have a hard sided plastic Premium Filtering Water Bottle similar to the one pictured above…but I’m sure any of the ones on the site will do.

Now, because I do love research I know that Brita’s are no match for completely untreated water. They basically just improve the taste of water by reducing the amount of chlorine and sediments present.” But as someone in a new country, that doesn’t know everything there is to know about the water here I am very much appreciative.

Be bougie like me here.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep a few water bottles from the hotels that you are staying at either. I have definitely done that too. lol

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