4 Ways to live Bougie without Going Broke

When I buy something I want it to be durable, long lasting, well-designed, and luxurious. Most of the time all of those details mean that whatever I am about to buy is usually on the more expensive side.

Time and time again, usually from people who don’t know me that well, I hear that my taste is too expensive and that I must spend a lot of money. When I hear that it’s always hilarious to me – because I save more money than any one that I know. I even save when I go on vacation…but I am still composing that post, so stay tuned for that…

Anyways, to help all of you out there trying to figure out how to afford that new bag from Loewe or that amazing iPhone 13 please see below. If you would like to continue to waste money and learn how to cut back the hard way weeelll…this post isn’t for you.

1.) Cut out unnecessary spending. – I get it, you’re addicted to coffee…but Starbucks every day doesn’t have to be a thing. Learn how to make your own coffee at home and save a few dollars a day. Same goes for eating out everyday and/or cooking extravagant, multi-ingredient meals. Just the basics will do. Trust me, I cook very good meals and don’t spend hundreds of dollars a week at the grocery store. I go probably once a month, if that, and that is just for sides like pasta or frozen (I know, I know… I said the dreaded words) vegetables. But I like frozen broccoli so, “Hey! What’s a girl to do?” I eat out once every two weeks…maybe.

2.) Learn WHEN to buy things. – When I buy clothes (especially when they are the basics) I do not buy in season. There is no need to buy a sweater for work or a nice jacket for full-price at the beginning of winter. Especially when there will probably be some really cute boots or an amazing designer coat that you want. End of season sales are real and they are here. Right before Back to School shopping starts in the summer, go and buy the nice shorts or espadrilles that you were eyeing all summer – they are on sale now. When the snow is beginning to melt, pick up some cute sweaters and turtlenecks from the clearance section – Nordstrom needs space for their new Easter dresses. Be smart. If you’re eying a staple boot or shoe however, like Air Force Ones, just get them. They will never go on sale and honestly the price might even increase during a sale, so that stores can recoup costs.

3.) Always buy from the sale section! – Similar to section two but I thought I would repeat it in a new way, so there is no confusion. For your purchases that are not extraordinary there is no reason to break the bank. Loewe has new concept purses coming out for S/S 2022. Why waste that money on a random blouse? Nordstrom, Macys, SAKS, and even Neiman Marcus all have sale sections…like what are you not getting? They sell the same amazing things for a fraction of the cost. Wait two months to get the purse. When you are able to upgrade your suite at the resort in Cabo that next Summer you will see how much it was worth it.

4.) Establish your non-negotiables and do not waiver. – I do not buy cheap jeans. I just will not. I can’t. Every time I go to the store to buy jeans that are less expensive they either don’t fit right, smell weird, or just feel cheap. So I gave up and I only buy jeans from brands that come recommended or Levi, my old faithful. I know that these things will be a little more expensive than what my friends and family are wearing. However, I would rather spend $40 more on a pair of jeans now than realize that I have to buy new jeans every 3 months due to fading or tears. Having jeans last is worth it to me. Same for shoes and dresses. Meanwhile, my bestie has been living in these really freaking cute Fashionnova jeans and they work wonderfully for her. Me…not so much. :-/

Bonus: Drop the gym membership. Unless your gym is centrally located, or otherwise very convenient to you on your daily commute, let it go. You never go. I never go. We never go. What I will do though, is click on Youtube, find my favorite yogi or my favorite 10 minute abs and 15 min cardio set, play those both back to back twice, and work out just as hard if not harder from the comfort on my living room whilst saving money. It’s free. It’s convenient. I sweat and no one has locked me into a five year money grab contract. I know it’s scary but I believe in you. Just do it (pun intended).

Honestly, it all comes down to sacrifice and what you deem as a necessity. What will you do or not do to get the nice things that you want. I do not pay for some streaming services and I drink Starbucks *twice* (seriously, two gingerbread mocha lattes with oat milk please) a year. Chick-fil-A, however, sees me almost every other week but only with coupons and I recently bought $400 boots on sale – that I will keep for life.

It’s all about prioritization and being smart with your money and time. Follow these rules and you’ll be bougie on a budget while still saving in no time.

Okay, what tips do you all have on saving money for things that you want or need? Leave a comment below to share. I am all ears.

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