The Loneliest You

What does loneliness feel like to you?

Is it a heavy weight that hangs around your neck pulling you down down,

Is is a light, wind constantly blowing across your frame on a day with no jacket and it suddenly starts to rain,

Is it a feeling, so syrupy and sweet it caramelizes, trapping you in a heavy sticky deluge?

Does it choke you? Blocking all way of life. Making you gasp for air. Clutching at your sides?

Does loneliness envelope? Slowly boxing you in, sealing you off from a world that seems like it never cared,

Or is loneliness suddenly upon you? Dealing you death blows – landing your cheek, head, nose,

Or does loneliness creep, slowly at first like you don’t already know it’s there. Playing coy, acting fake with you, while you have to pretend that you don’t care,

For me loneliness is an ever present friend. Only gone long enough that I know she is missing but not long enough for me gain stable ground. Loneliness like a shadow, ever moving, ever present. The worst companion – forever orbiting my consciousness, popping up to remind me that she’s never far away.

What does loneliness feel like to you?

What is lonely, You?

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