Do what you like…yourself – DIY Projects for Beginners

“Creativity is something you have to nurture, push, and develop throughout your career.”

Tuomas Laitinen, Director of BFA Fashion Design and MFA Fashion Design and Arts Program at Parsons Paris – The New School

So paper crafts, painting, coloring, and any otherwise exciting things that you can do with your hands I love. I love being able to create something from nothing and to hold a finished, one-of-a-kind piece in my hand when I’m done.

Soon I will graduate and be free and I am very excited to get back to more of this kind of exploration. I have always wanted to be an abstract or contemporary artist. Modern art is my favorite though. Performance art? Don’t get me started.

What kind of art to you like to participate it? What has been the cheapest thing for you to get into creativity wise? How do you decide what to create? Are you an organized person when it comes to crafting? Do you already have the end product in mind or do you let the art lead you?

During COVID I created four different pieces for the way in my apartment. They are not big enough for my liking so I think I am going to paint something spectacular when I get the chance. I want it to be an oil or acrylic skyline.

What’s your next project? What should I do?

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