An End and A Beginning

By the time this posts I will be almost home.

A semester abroad complete and a new adventure waiting for me.

I am happy. I am grateful. I feel blessed but most of all I feel ready.

I am so ready to get this end over with that I don’t know what to do.

However, at the same time a new Beginning is looming over my head, waiting for me,

beckoning me into its unknown arms.

Unknown: unseen, undetermined, undecided, even mysterious. I don’t know where this beginning will take me. I’m less ready for that.

But I know that with one thing comes the other.

I can’t have an end of an era, a time of excitement, joy, pain, and even sadness, without the beginning of another.

And so, I will step into this new world unsure but unafraid. Relying on God to guide me through.

To an awesome end and a beautiful beginning!

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