How to Empty your Head but still Get Sh*t Done

I am not going to hold you… I have many *necessary* articles that I have planned to write on this blog over the past few years BUT every week life gets in the way and I end up writing about what’s on my heart and mind.

I digress.

I am in the process of moving back home and I am up in space. My aura feels fuzzy because I have so much to do. I need to buy my skincare, hair care, and clothes that I want here. I want specific southern foods (read: salsa, avocados, some tortillas, a ton of spices) that I know I won’t be able to get up there, and I want have some hard stops (errands/needs… a new phone) that I must fulfill before I get on the plane. I feel like I’m seconds away from a panic attack.

Either way that’s how I felt at the beginning of the week. I was overwhelmed. Now, I won’t hold you and act like I don’t feel that way even now. However, I did one thing that I learned eased my anxiety a few years ago that has helped me tremendously. I wrote it down. I split a notebook paper into fours and I wrote everything that I needed to do, everyone that I needed to see, places that I needed to check-in with, vitamins that I wanted to buy… I wrote it all down and then I forgot about it. As I wrote, I cleared my mind so that everything wouldn’t be stopped up with endless random to-dos. I even carried my notebook around for two days after I created the list updating it with little things that would make my life easier.

I have found the older I get, and the more life begins to pile on, that I need to create coping mechanisms for when everything gets crazy and this is one that works every single time.

I write everything out and then I can create to-do lists or I can just check things off I move through the things in mind. It helps me to feel grounded because I can see everything and I can always add to it as I go.

Now this works for me because I am always carrying around a notebook and a pencil but it might not work for you. In my research I found that some other folks use some other techniques including:

  1. Going for a walk in nature
  2. Reading and,
  3. Listening to soothing music.

all of which are detailed in the article 6 Ways to Empty Your Mind if You Are Stressed Out on

Either way making lists, or journaling (like is mentioned in the article above) is an awesome way for you to get your mind together when you’re in crisis or really need to get something done. relief

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