Dearly Beloved, How do you CONSIDER this thing called LIFE?

Now that I can hang out with more friends, family and acquaintances and I am, supposedly, turning a corner in life and moving onto a new era, I have spent a lot of time thinking. Of course all of the usual questions that we all consider: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What do I have in the refrigerator to make dinner tonight? Do I even want to make dinner or can I just eat a handful of goldfish crackers and call it a night?

But one question that I have been thinking about for a while now and one that I want to not only pose to all of you but to the people that I interact with in real life is: What do you think about when you are all alone? What do you think about when all of your day is done and you no longer have to consider work, friends, spouse, or any of those other things? Said in another way – What occupies your mind when there is “nothing” left to occupy it?

I desperately want to ask people this question and I wonder if they would be vulnerable enough to give me the real answer. In the song Let’s Go Crazy Prince and The Revolution sung about how we are all on this Earth for a limited amount of time. He said the the song was about what we needed to do in life to beat the bad times. Before I read this article I always thought the song was about just doing your best to power through life in a way allowed each of us to make the most out of our lives. Which I think leads back to my original question: What is that one thing in your mind that is always on your mind? Or at least is there when the problems, happiness, good, or bad melt away?

I know you’re wondering, but no I don’t have any preconceived thoughts about what the answer would be for anyone. I haven’t done any research that tells me what any type of answer would mean in the positive or negative sense. I don’t care if the answer is silly or nonsensical or if it is deeply profound. I just want to know how other people are feeling and how they are interacting with this thing called life. I want to know this mostly because I want to know if I am similar to them. I want to compare answers. I would like to know if I’m far off, if I’m close, or what the norm is for people here there and across the world.

Unfortunately, I feel that If I started asking people this question or began a line of questioning in that way a lot of folks would become anxious about having to be so vulnerable. I don’t know.

So as I end this post, and continue to brainstorm a way to ask people this question, I ask that you take the time to consider it too. What do you think about when the day is done? and what do you think that says about you? This question has been swirling around my mind for months and I really want to know…

Also since we talked about him and this awesome song, I think it’s only fair that I include it. Let’s go!

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