Let me put you on Game: A Maison Margiela Fragrance Hack

Here’s some free game for you girls who are looking for a new fragrance to try and also enjoy a more warm and full bodied scent.

My favorite perfumer, who shall remain nameless (but if you live in the DFW area I might send him your way for the price of a dinner at my favorite restaurant…with you of course bestie! lol), took some time out of his busy schedule to help me update my fragrance profile.

So, as we all know, I have been IN LOVE with the Maison Margiela ’REPLICA’ Jazz Club scent for quite a while. It’s heady and dreamy and woody and all the things I want my fragrance to be. However, I couldn’t help but thinking something was missing whenever I went to buy it.

I told my fragrance guru my problem and he told me to give him a moment – He had a plan. Three minutes later he runs up to me and hands me two fragrance blotters.”Place one one either side of your nose and inhale,” he said. I did exactly what he said and was blown away. It was the same smell that I had grow to adore but a little more complicated and a tad but fuller.

“This is your favorite Jazz Club on one side and the Maison Margiela REPLICA By the Fireplace on the other,” he said. “Your nose smells them both but mixes them creating a new sequence of smell.”

I was in love.

So, I invite you to visit your nearest Maison Margiela fragrance retailer and give it a try. Tell me what you think or if you would even wear perfume or Eau de toilette that dark/heavy?

Also, take this as an encouragement to try something new in the realm of beauty and beyond. We need innovators like you… and my perfumer. He is truly my life saver…and also the cutest old man ever. lol

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