I Broke my Instagram and I don’t Know What to Do

I’m going to tell you this because I know you won’t tell a soul: I am messing up my Instagram aesthetic and it’s starting to piss me off.

I have had a few good pictures in a row but THE LIGHTING that I have done on them has been so off that I am beginning to wonder if it’s me, my editing apps, or my equipment. I always worry about it being too dark or too light and it has been back and forth for the last few pictures but like at a massive scale.

Like it will look okay in the preview but when I finally see it on the feed? I am distraught! Unfortunately, by that time I already have like 10 likes and I can’t take it down. That would be shameful right? BUUT I am also already ashamed of what I got up there. It’s a catch 22 and it’s killing me to be honest.

So yes, I am coming to you all to confess that I hate it here and I hate how my pictures have been coming out and I want to take them all down and post again and I just might because the perfectionist in me is screaming!

I wish I could re-edit photos after I post them but I know that would lead to some editing misconduct and other sorts of issues sitewide…blah blah blah. So for now, I will continue to suffer in silence. I will let you know what I do when I do it.

Is it bad to repost everything? Will my friends hate me? Honestly, they all know that I’m a perfectionist. I think it will just be par for my course. lol Maybe this is just an exercise in being okay with things not being perfect and not being able to change things…I don’t know. We shall see…




PS Edit: Y’ALL I realize it is because I edit and post and view the pictures all at different times and my phone changes lighting backgrounds for the time of night to save my eyes from straining in the light! UUUGGHHHH! I have to figure out what time it is best to post things and if the phone light should be white, black, or devoid of bluelight!

Whew! This was bugging me. Okay, I feel better. Now I must make some calculations to decide what is best.

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