Welcome back to My Life in the Sunshine

For the first time ever, I took the month of August off. I didn’t post anything on here to give myself a chance to catch up on life and honestly, ease into all of the work that I have to do for my job – which is now very similar to this type if content creation. I wanted to make sure I had the bandwidth to be the best I can be there before I start overwhelming myself here with everything that I love.

In the time I was away I see I have welcomed some new followers to the site. Folks that might be interested in me but are definitely interested in what I have to say here and I love it.

I am bolstered by your presence and excited for our time together in the days ahead. I appreciate your being here and will make sure I do my best to give you the great content that we all deserve.

Let us inspire each other as we move forward together in mutual love, respect, and as always, peace.

I leave you with Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Roy Ayers Ubiquity, a song that I feel reflects my forever mood and is always warm and welcoming.

My life, my life.

Everybody loves the Sunshine!

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