False Start. Recalculating.

I took a little time off here because I couldn’t do it. I started a new job, doing something I have never done before. I am trying to integrate myself into a new community and city. I am trying to date, all the while making sure that I was in a good place mentally, physically, and emotionally. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t keep it all together because I was going full force on everything at the same time.

I realized though that I needed to take a step back from everything and recalibrate. Recalculate. So this month, while I’m in and out of the city, will be a time to start things new.

My friend called last year my YEAR OF YES! Maybe I will write about that one day. This year however, I think is my year of boundaries. I am putting things in place to protect myself in all the places that I need to be protected. Not that I was reckless or out of control about anything I did. Y’all know me. I stay trying to make the best decisions. I think I just was trying to do too many things at once. So now we are going to keep doing all the things I need to do but also building in space for me to relax and recharge in-between.

Either way, thank you for rocking with me and sticking around during this time of me taking a mental health break. I’m excited to get back to talking with you.

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