Time Keeps on Slipping – I am learning to better manage my time

Now that I are working fulltime again I am also going to have to work on time management – meaning I have to figure out how to ratio my day.

If you know me, you know that the one thing I hate more than anything is to be tied down – unable to move how I want to throughout my day. Of course, I will endure some necessary evils but, there are just some things that I HATE planning to do. I want to be FREE to spend that time in the way that I want to … and most importantly? I need to sleep.

So for the last month or so I have been figuring out how to commute, commute better, set up my on-site office workspace for better workflow, and even what a day of WFH should look like for me to be productive.

The building out of this framework has been tantamount to the construction of my look for the fashion show I attended last week- in that it was complex, very intricately thought out and then went through rounds of trial and error. Yet, even still, on any given day there is an accident or two on the bridge because folks just refuse to use it the right way. The way God intended it.

It takes me hours to get up in the morning…but I always wake up on time. I have a list of snacks I can take but I may or may not grab my only water bottle on the way out the door- even when it is literally sitting RIGHT by the door. I have grabbed my rain jacket and left my umbrella twice. One time my credit card didn’t work and I had to come back to my house to grab cash for the train.

BUT! I have set up my work go bag by the door, I always have my snacks laid in a way that reminds me to grab my pills, I have coats and shoes by the door and I try and keep everything charged just in case. As much as I hate it, setting it up the night before mostly works.

I have alarms set on my phone: 7:00a.m. to start waking up, 12:30p.m. for a mandatory yoga or stretch session, 2:30p.m. to remind myself to eat, 4:30p.m. to read the Bible. My alarms help me keep track of the day and also are a welcome remind about where I am supposed to do and how I should be taking care of myself.

I have a uniform, especially now that it’s cold. Tights or leggings and a sweater. How can you mess that up? Sometimes a sweater dress but honestly what for? We just want to stay warm and commuting is hard.

I have a screenshot picture of my bus schedule and randomly assigned times in my brain that my body knows where we should be to make the bus and train. It doesn’t always work because sometimes my body fights back but I have backups and I am prepared.

The evening is just as preplanned. Food is made on the weekends. Sunday or Saturday a protein is made and side starches are completed and frozen. I water the one daily plant and hover the others. Football or a movie on tv. If I need to concentrate the Bob Ross paints. We never deviate. There are rarely HARD SET times for things but you always know where you should be.

How do y’all do this thing called life? Are you all more rigid in your planning and executing? Sometimes I feel over the top for doing all of these things. Like others are living a life better lived because they are not as anal as I am about things. Other times I feel the opposite about the same reality. Maybe I am not doing enough and I need to fully commit to the bit. Use my 24 wisely.

Idk. I feel I am doing my best. Maybe I should write things down more? I don’t know. Time keeps on slipping.

PS: If you want to purchase that really cute melting clock in the photo you can do so HERE.

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