5 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Discerning Young Lady

Okay, so last year I gave you a Last Minute Gift Guide for Christmas, which was fun and cute for all of you who were struggling with what to get for your favorite woman in your life. But when I started thinking about Christmas this year I decided that I kind of wanted you to be more prepared, you know?

So today, I am going to give you a list of things that you can get NOW for your faves in your life because I’m benevolent like that. Plus, since this weekend is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, this list might be helpful when planning your shopping excursions and hopefully it can possibly help you save a little coin… again, you can thank me later.

1.) We’ll start off with the Coveted BagRound Telfar Circle Bag in Black

I feel like I am the only girl in the world who doesn’t have her own Telf-ie and it’s mostly due to my indecision. Every time they announce a restock, I be having the perfect idea of what I want in my head but then by the time I get to the site I start questioning myself. I want to make the right decision on size, color, number of bags, etc. It’s all too much and I end up getting nothing. BUT this round bag has been intriguing to me since it’s introduction. Interesting shape. Perfect use of logo. Honestly and truly one of a kind. I think I got to have it.

2.) Have you considered Some Sensible yet Stylish BootsThe Marc Fisher LTD GARLISS HEELED CHELSEA BOOTIE

I have been looking for a white/neutral boot for the past few years and you can’t tell me that this boot is not amazing. Same leather from top to bottom, neutral stitching, and a sensible heel height for everyday wear- Marc Fisher can honestly do no wrong. If these are right up your lady’s alley don’t wait too long to get them. During the winter all the dolls looking for well-made and affordable footwear go with Marc Fisher. Don’t miss your opportunity to get some for her too.

3.) It doesn’t hurt to gift her The Key to Perfect Skin, because DuhDr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

If your lady is anything like me skincare is IMPORTANT, very important. She has her nighttime routine down pat and she knows exactly what her seasonal and yearly goals are for her skin. There is one thing however, that would take her routine to the next level and it’s this beautiful SpectraLife FaceWare mask. I’m obsessed with its two-color light system and she’ll be obsessed with how it helps to boost her skin’s collagen, diminish discoloration, and up her clear acne. Honestly, it’s an amazing buy. Plus, all the influencers have it. Where can you go wrong?

4.) No matter the weather she’ll like this Statement Leather CoatHANIFA ZAHRA FAUX LEATHER COAT

If you actually try and lie like you don’t like this coat no one will believe you. Hanifa never misses and it is honestly a work of art. Long enough to keep you warm and dramatic enough to make an entrance whether in both a formal or casual setting. Either way your lady will love it…and if she doesn’t? You know how to reach me.

5.) And finally, if all else fails, A Trip of her ChoiceThe Delta Gift Card

IN ALL ELSE FAILS the one thing that the most luxurious lady in your life will accept over everything is a flight. TRUST ME! She already has a trip planned in her head, so why not gift her a way to get there easier. Plus, with you paying for a flight or two she will have some extra funds for an excursion once she’s there or maybe even a new outfit or two before she goes. While you’re at it, sign her up for the frequent flier membership too, so she can begin stacking miles. That’s double the brownie points for you! We love to see it!

Okay. That’s all I have for right now. You honestly should be all set on what to gift this year. But after aaaaallllllll of this, if you feel that you need a more pointed “how-to” on how to give gifts check out my Gift Giving Guide for a lesson in the fine art of gift giving. Or, if you just want a straight up list from you family and friends because you don’t time for all of these shenanigans, my family’s yearly Christmas Gift Google Doc might be more your speed. Either way I’m here for you. Just let me know!

Happy Holidays! Love you tons.

Let me know what you end up getting below!

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