Six shoes Sneakerheads have been dreaming about for Christmas

I am not a sneaker girl, in the sense that I don’t have a ton of them. I am a sneaker girl, however, because I have a lot of very concrete opinions on colorways, silhouettes, architecture, and collabs.

My last post included a very nice sneaker and so I decided to do a deep dive into some of the sneakers that were coming out that might be (or might not because the very distinct style and tastes of certain sneakerhead community members) on your favorite sneakerhead’s list.

1.) adidas Forum Low “Home Alone 2”

I liked this sneaker because I love the movie and truly feel that the colorway matches the essence of the movie so, so well. I mean it is a Christmas movie so there are a ton of ways that this could have gone. But this is perfect.

2.) Jacquemus x Nike Air Humara LX

I am not a huge fan of NIKE tennis shoes. They always seem blocky and unwieldy to me. Never enough flexibility for me to move in them how they should be…and they are hardly ever comfy.

I like this collab though because I’m a huge Jacquemus fan and the color is so saturated that I can’t look away. I like the different materials included and the outsoles have very interesting design that make them look like a fashion tennis shoe…which I prefer.

3.) Nike Terminator High “Cocoa Snake”

I love snakeskin and I love this silhouette. Nuff said. I want it.

4.) Nike Dunk Low “Chenille Swoosh”

Accessories are some of my favorite things. They are what really elevates the outfit…in my opinion. The check on a NIKE shoe is essentially it’s accessory- besides the colorway, architecture, and the sihloette of a shoe, what does everyone look for? How does the shoe differentiate itself?

We already know purple is my lifeblood, especially this color but what really bought this shoe a spot on my list was this swoosh. A freaking CHENILLE CHECK? I’m in love. Would COP!

5.) NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Certified Lover Boy”

I talked about this in my last post. I love an elevated twist on a classic. I love to stand out and be set apart. This shoe does that. Get it for that sneakerhead with exquisite taste in your life.

6.) Nike KD 15 “Timothy Goodman”

This shoe is being included despite but well-known dislike for KD. He didn’t do anything to me… I’m just suspicious of him. What does he want? lol

Why did I include the shoe? Timothy Goodman. I have been a stan of him since college and I won’t be convinced otherwise. He inspired me to be creative out loud and to do so respectfully. His tactile words/font motif is my favorite. I call it tactile because to me it has it’s own texture and strength. I feel like if I touched it, it would be ridgy. Idk. I did TIm and the bright colors on the dark background excite me. Check out Tim! His book just came out.

I know this is probably not even close to the type of heat I should be paying attention too for this holiday season. Tell me what the sneakerheads in your life are buying so that I can be on the lookout!

Also, I understand that this post is very NIKE heavy but I like what they had coming out soon the most. Tell me what other brands I need to watch.

Happy Holidays!

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