Full Steam Ahead

It’s the new year and I’m full steam ahead.

I have been chronicling my life, my whole life, and I don’t think I have EVER had the year I envisioned when I sit down on December 31st and think back to January 1st.

For the past decade, I have been chasing peace, embracing peace, and then dispensing peace to those I come in contact with as I move along. This year will be no different. I wish for the same for you. I hope that we can all feel it when we need it but remember that it is always there.

I look to you, dear reader, as we move forward over the next 365 to treat well your fellow man and to embrace yourself where you are currently. I will be doing the same.

My word for this year is boundaries…but I started that ‘new year’ in August. We’ve been living it and it has been hard to stick to sometimes but I keep reminding myself what is at stake.

Share with those that you need to and communicate always. I know that’s hard too but we owe it to ourselves and to those that we love. It makes for better relationships, hearts, and heads.

I love you. Please love others and yourself too.

Happy New Year my friend.

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