5 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Discerning Young Lady

Okay, so last year I gave you a Last Minute Gift Guide for Christmas, which was fun and cute for all of you who were struggling with what to get for your favorite woman in your life. But when I started thinking about Christmas this year I decided that I kind of wanted you toContinue reading “5 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Discerning Young Lady”

Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Why are you here? There is nothing to see! CLICK THIS and buy two of these! One for you and one for me!

It’s Fall, you need a new moisturizer that works. Listen Up!

Okay, okay fine. YES!! Another beauty review. You know you have been looking for one. So strap in for this goodness. We’ve finally done it. The skin girls, you can always tell who they are, have been telling me for the past month (yes, even during my period no less!) that my skin has beenContinue reading “It’s Fall, you need a new moisturizer that works. Listen Up!”

Time Keeps on Slipping – I am learning to better manage my time

Now that I are working fulltime again I am also going to have to work on time management – meaning I have to figure out how to ratio my day. If you know me, you know that the one thing I hate more than anything is to be tied down – unable to move howContinue reading “Time Keeps on Slipping – I am learning to better manage my time”

False Start. Recalculating.

I took a little time off here because I couldn’t do it. I started a new job, doing something I have never done before. I am trying to integrate myself into a new community and city. I am trying to date, all the while making sure that I was in a good place mentally, physically,Continue reading “False Start. Recalculating.”

Welcome back to My Life in the Sunshine

For the first time ever, I took the month of August off. I didn’t post anything on here to give myself a chance to catch up on life and honestly, ease into all of the work that I have to do for my job – which is now very similar to this type if contentContinue reading “Welcome back to My Life in the Sunshine”