Beauty, Body, and Runway

Runway is Art. Body is Science. Beauty is Pain.

I love it all.

Kayla is so cute! You can find info about her workout sets on her Insta @strongissexy.
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10 minute ABs – Workout Jumpstart

Friends! IT! IS! TIME!!

Vaccines are on the rise and there are only a few days left before our favorite month of the year, May (my birth month duh!), begins.

This means that our Summer bodies (aka your body in whatever state it’s when it’s finally warm because no one has time for gatekeeping other people’s bodies) need to be ready to go for all of the…

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I Fasted for 365 days!

On Sunday, I will have fasted for 16 hours a day for 365 days – A FULL YEAR! I am so excited! I feel like that is such an accomplishment and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I started my intermittent fasting journey in late 2019 to offset a stressful time in lifeContinue reading “I Fasted for 365 days!”


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