Top 5! Top 5!

I love lists y’all! Like I love them.

So here is a big list of my favorite lists.

(Please note that not all the lists will have five

things in them. Please forgive me in advance.)

My (early) 2023 Travel list

  1. LA
  2. Atlanta
  3. Mexico
  4. Home
  5. Miami

My Favorite Airports to despise

  1. O’Hare
  2. Hartsfield-Jackson
  3. Paris Charles de Gaulle
  4. Charlotte Douglas
  5. Sky Harbor

My aesthetic for the year:

  1. EXTRA accessories
  2. Full glam
  3. Big curly Hair
  4. Thicker eyebrows
  5. Nail Polish

Some Fragrance Suggestions:

  1. POISON GIRL – Dior
  3. Bulgari – Man
  4. Marc Jacobs – Daisy
  5. Tom Ford – Velvet Orchid

My Makeup Bag must Haves:

  1. Sephora Collection Make No Mistake Full Coverage Concealer in Allspice
  2. Chanel LES BEIGES Water-Fresh Tint
  3. Bobby Brown CRUSHED LIP COLOR in Telluride

How to be a Good Friend :

  1. Be Reliable
  2. Be Trustworthy
  3. Always Communicate
  4. Show Love

The only Movie Genres I deal in:

  1. Spy/ Espionage
  2. Gangster/Mob
  3. Action
  4. Romantic Comedy
  5. Harry Potter
  6. and of course Batman

Products I currently swear by:

  1. CeraVe Healing Ointment
  2. ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion
  3. FENTY Fat Water Toner
  4. Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise
  5. RoC RETINOL CORREXION®  Night Serum Capsules

Things I am focusing on right now:

  1. Intentional Contentment
  2. Wellness
  3. Finding and Creating Joy
  4. Helping others feel the same

Best Diss Tracks:

  1. Hit Em Up
  2. No Vaseline
  3. Back to Back
  4. Ether
  5. Lost Ones

My favorite Stores:

  1. Nordstrom/ Nordstrom Rack
  2. DSW
  3. Zara
  4. The H&M outside of Harrods (this one only)
Nowhere in the world does food like Texas. Period.

More food that I miss:

  1. Breadwinners
  2. Pei Wei
  3. Fuel City Tacos
  4. My families Gumbo
  5. Velvet Taco
Chart from Austin News Channel KXAN

Things I’m Over:

  1. I hate COVID Quarantine. Now that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do my full 10 days. I just don’t like it.
  2. People being selfish for no reason. Have some empathy please. See #1.
  3. People that have no follow through. Just do what you said you would. Please.
Meme from New York Times by KC Green. (Y’all this list is tongue in cheek. Please be nice. Pls.)

Relationship Essentials:

  1. Our humor has to be compatible. (Read: Please have good meme game.)
  2. Keep me updated on your hair. I like that. I’ll keep you updated on my next style. It’s only fair.
  3. I have no problem with you being strange…but it has to be a good strange. Or at least my kind of strange.

Books I want to read next:

  1. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  2. Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen by Inger Burnett-Zeigler
  3. The Bible (I am reading through it this year. Or at least trying. #wishmeluck)
This bag is perfect it is big and soft and pleasant.

Brands that I am obsessed with:

  1. Loewe
  2. Paris, Texas
  3. Versace (of course)
  4. miu miu
  5. Fear of God
I need Tex-Mex in my life. NEED.

Restaurants I can’t wait to eat at soon:

  1. Mi Cocina
  2. Chick-fil-A
  3. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
  4. Volare Ristorante Italiano
Tell me this car is not fire. You can’t.

My favorite Luxury SUVs:

  1. Alfa Romeo Stelvio
  2. Audi RS Q8
  3. Bentley Bentayga
  4. Lexus SUVs period
  5. Nissan Rogue forever
Take a look at my Wellness tab for a reminder about what this is and WHY you need it.

My Personal Wellness Schedule:

  1. Daily – Yoga or a Stretch Sequence
  2. Weekly – Beach/Park Day
  3. Monthly – Buy a silly or extraneous thing that makes you happy.
  4. Quarterly/Yearly – 2 Beach Vacations a year and at least one quick vacation a quarter.
  5. Bonus: Read at least one book a year. Focus on it especially when you need to take a step back into another world.
This iStock “portrait of young woman in casual wear working in a creative business startup company office with coworkers in background” illustrates my life in group projects sometimes. She’s doing her best but feeling drained. lol

Things I have learned this year:

  1. Don’t be so rigid in your plans. Sometimes you plan to do a thing but another opportunity comes up and sometimes it is best – so do it.
  2. Wear the outfit you put together in your head. If you don’t, you will always wonder. Just do it.
  3. If you are working with someone and they have a very strong opinion on something, unless it’s wrong, let them include and own it. It is better to collaborate than to be perfect – to you.
I was on Twitter the fateful night Zola told this story and I have been waiting for the movie ever since. I am so excited.

Movies I really want to see right now:

  1. Zola
  2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – I just haven’t seen it in a while.
  3. Fast and Furious 9 because it just seems like a great time
  4. The Harder They Fall – #yeehawagendaforeva
  5. Luca

My Favorite Movies to Rewatch:

  1. Crazy Rich Asians
  2. Crazy Stupid Love
  3. Casino Royale
  4. Goodfellas

Things I still need to do in Chicago:

  1. Visit the penguins at the Shedd
  2. Go see the Buckingham Fountain
  3. Eat at CINDY’S on the patio
  4. Brookfield Zoo

Songs that are giving me life right now:

  1. Total Praise
  2. Glory to the King
  3. Consideration (feat. SZA)
  4. Passionfruit
  5. Twerkulator

Best Grocery Store Frozen Pizzas:

  1. Real Good Pizza Co. Pizza with Cauliflower Crust
  2. California Pizza Kitchen anything
  3. Digorno stuffed crust anything
  4. I’m pretty sure I have only had it once but something is telling me to add Tombstone to this list. So…yeah, Tombstone.
A small taste of our family Birthday fun. lol Honestly, Idk why there are so many candles on here. This was not my decision.

Favorite things to Plan:

  1. Birthday Parties with silly themes
  2. Trips (vacation or otherwise)
  3. The school year for work
  4. My Month on a giant paper calendar so that I can see it
I took this picture while on a trip to Austin, Tx. Isn’t it crazy this is real life?

Calming Techniques:

  1. I unlocked a new breathing technique this year that, if I can concentrate, allows me to chill out instantly
  2. My Chill-out Playlist on Apple Music (I know, but I like how clean it looks on my phone and I don’t want to pay for Spotify right now lol)
  3. A quick Yoga pose or two
  4. Mentally packing away the bad thoughts cluttering my head
Photo via Deadline

Intriguing Things:

  1. There are so many different streaming platforms. Why?
  2. Finding out a celebrity is odd on social media – How long have you been this way?
  3. Babies with very laid back dispositions – What are they thinking?
  4. My little brother is growing multiple avocado plants while other people haven’t ever gotten a seed to sprout! How does he do it?
Tropical flower Spathiphyllum on a dark background. – Photo via Old Farmers Almanac

Plants I want to grow:

  1. A Lemon Tree. I’m sure they smell wonderful and I like their yellow/green colorblock sitch…
  2. Cereus Cactus
  3. Peace Lillies. My mother is a master at growing these things!
  4. An Elephant ear plant
Photo via Travel Daily Media

Places I want to visit after Quarantine:

  1. Mauritius
  2. Seychelles
  3. Puerto Rico
  5. LA, so I can visit my friend’s new restaurant, Xenia.
I liked this picture at first but now it kind of makes me seasick.

Focus for 2021:

  1. Yoga every day
  2. Remain in concert with God
  3. Do well in school
  4. Center peace

Things I have been wanting to do but haven’t gotten around to it:

  1. Frame my Quarantine Art
  2. Nothing. Like I want to sit a whole day and do nothing. I feel like days where you can make that conscious choice are the best days…especially creatively.
I literally look like this right now…minus the makeup lol.

Hairstyles on the Horizon:

  1. I need a haircut like yesterday so yeah that…
  2. A cute twisted rubberband halfup/halfdown style
  3. I will attempt to give myself Passion Twists

Bags I want next:

  1. Louis Vuitton NEVERFULL GM
  2. Large Telfar Shopping Bag in Gold or Oxblood
  3. Dior Book Tote – Blue Dior Oblique Embroidery
  4. Chiara Ferragni Big Eyelike Bag in Black or White
  5. Valentino Garavani Roman Stud chain bag
Picture via

My Favorite Holidays in a VERY specific order:

  1. New Years Eve/New Years Day
  2. Thanksgiving (the sentiment behind it but not the holiday)
  3. Halloween
  4. Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
  5. Memorial Day

Things I would rather be doing than what I am currently doing:

  1. Laying on a Beach eating ice
  2. Sleeping
  3. Buying shoes
  4. Sitting in VIP at a club of my choice depending on the day – (LIV, 1 Oak, Underground, Prive, etc.)
  5. Reading through the Harry Potter series like it was my first time and I didn’t know JK was a disappointment

Places I wouldn’t mind living:

  1. Texas (Major cities only please!)
  2. Chicago (Downtown and neighborhoods only- miss me with the village and burb life.)
  3. LA (still deciding on where. The Valley? Idk)
  4. Atlanta (I wouldn’t mind the suburbs there. I love the topography.)

Fave Hair Products right now:

  1. Kinky-Curly Detangler
  2. Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise
  3. The comb attachment on my blow dryer

Selling Sunset Fav Rankings:

  1. Maya (Listen, I like the other girls but they ALL be just letting me down. I do, however, appreciate the love they have for each other; as misguided as it sometimes is.)
  2. but honestly 1000. The Office pups
  3. but really 1 Billion Trillion. Davina because, girl! She is the literal walking definition of loud and wrong. lol It’s honestly astounding.

Songs on my Auntie Playlist today:

  1. Back to Life – Soul II Soul
  2. What You Won’t Do For Love – Bobby Caldwell
  3. You’re Makin’ Me High – Toni Braxton
  4. Just My Imagination – The Temptations
  5. Where the Party At – Jagged Edge

Batman (please do not debate me on the merit of Batman as a super hero or anything else. Superman is weird/he sucks. I also like Iron Man. Go away):

  1. The Dark Knight
Photo by Chris Nicoll, USA Today Sports

My fav current NBA players (for various reasons):

  1. Russy
  2. Dame
  3. Lou Will
  4. Boban
  5. Recent Update: Jimmy Buckets

Things I Collect (read: hoard):

  1. Books or journals (to read and to write in)
  2. Shoes
  3. Candles
  4. Random Ideas on scraps of paper and in my notes folder in my phone
  5. Dried Flowers

Places I need to be:

  1. Marrakech, Morocco
  2. Puglia, Italy
  3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  4. Anyone’s Beach, Worldwide

The Best Fast Food French Fries IN ORDER:

  1. McDonalds
  2. Burguesa – Spicy Only
  3. Whataburger
  4. Shake Shack Cheese Fries
  5. In and Out Fries – Light, Animal Style ONLY

My Favorite Seasons (in order):

  1. Track Season
  2. Summer
  3. Volleyball Season
  4. The Texas State Fair
  5. Christmas

Books to Finish Before I Buy More:

  1. Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan
  2. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge
  3. Naked Statistics – Charles Wheelan
  4. Beloved – Toni Morrison

Things Left to do in Miami:

  1. Visit Calle Ocho
  2. Visit Little Havana
  3. Eat at Joe’s Stone Crab
  4. More Beach
  5. Stay at One Miami

Can’t stop won’t stop.

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