What’s the Rub: My Current Skincare Routine

Let’s be real: I am always on the lookout for better skincare. I’m obsessed with the best and most reliable products that do their job without breaking the bank. Plus, since I live somewhere that is cold and DRY, I am always looking to keep my skin moisturized and more hyper pigmentation at bay. IContinue reading “What’s the Rub: My Current Skincare Routine”

It’s Fall, you need a new moisturizer that works. Listen Up!

Okay, okay fine. YES!! Another beauty review. You know you have been looking for one. So strap in for this goodness. We’ve finally done it. The skin girls, you can always tell who they are, have been telling me for the past month (yes, even during my period no less!) that my skin has beenContinue reading “It’s Fall, you need a new moisturizer that works. Listen Up!”