Fenty Skin Fat Water is SERIOUSLY as refreshing as this picture looks

Picture via Pop Sugar My little sister got my Fenty Fat Water for Christmas and I dedicated the month of January to trying it out. As we know I have have the classic t-zone situation on my face: forehead and nose always shiny with oil by the end of the day and cheeks and underContinue reading “Fenty Skin Fat Water is SERIOUSLY as refreshing as this picture looks”

Retinol Roundup – Catching a Wrinkle in Time

Y’all, I think that now that I am 1000 years old it is now time for me to begin looking into retinol to preserve this beautiful, glowing face of mine. Now, I won’t lie, I haven’t had as much time lately to do my proper googles but I have been slowly but surely making myContinue reading “Retinol Roundup – Catching a Wrinkle in Time”

Fenty Skin – Rihanna is my life!

Photo by FENTY via NBC I’m going to be honest but this should come as a surprise to NO ONE that truly knows me…this is a Rihanna Stan Account. We are ALL #Navy here, and we will be forever. In another post on a different day I will talk about why I stan her andContinue reading “Fenty Skin – Rihanna is my life!”