A Piece of Peace

Everyone needs a little pick me up now and then.

Hopefully one of mine can help you!

Mind the Lines

Be creative in a way that speaks to you.

I have always loved art and loved to create. When I was younger my mother was the Room Mom for all of my classes. She would draw, create, glue, and tape elaborate projects for my elementary school classes to do and I would be so amazed at the way that she came up with those things off the top of her head. Years later I was the head Sunday School teacher for my church and dreaming up crafts for the lesson each weak and then leading my little babies was an unmatched catharsis. Recently, I joined the adult coloring book craze and bought a whole bunch of colored pencils and two books to color – one is flowers and the other biblical messages of affirmation. I don’t go in order of pages. I don’t finish what I started I just create as much beauty as I need and I’m done. I highly recommend.

I bought one book at Walmart and the other at a museum but you can find them wherever your favorite books are sold.

Don’t lose Your Way

Wellness is a constant practice. You have to focus and you’ll get better at it over time. Or so I’ve heard…

Over the last few months I have been falling in and out of intentionality with my wellness practices. The whole point of this page, and honestly this site, was that it would give me an outlet to find calmness and a sense of peace. It was an easy thing that I could add to my to do list that, I felt, I could easily check off. Then work and school and life got in the way and I barely felt myself breathing. But in my promise to myself, I would power through a post or two so that I could continue to interact with you. Sometimes they get bigger then me and I find myself wrapping up heavily researched ideas and thoughts. Usually though, in the end, I do find a lot of joy and happiness in finalizing an article or a post.

Do you have pet projects that help you to grow and allow you to breathe? If not I highly suggest starting one today. You will be happy you did…in the end.

Comfort Movie

Sometimes a good movie is best.

Recently, I realized that when my mind is in a jam I have wanted to watch my favorite movie to take my mind off things. Since I have it memorized, watching it gives me space and time to think but I can always tune back in at the moments in the movie that I love and get all the feels. I am able to interact with the characters. I forget all the best parts that I love to remember until they are happening. I sing and dance to all the songs. I fall in and out of love with the people as the story unfolds. I am delighted every time.

Crazy Rich Asians is that movie for me. What is that movie for you?

Read about the movie, its cast, and learn about this picture here!

Scheduling Wellness

I think this is a practice that we all need to adopt.

If you are like me, you like to schedule tasks out, to make sure that everything gets done. Recently, I read that it is good to do this with your wellness practices too. So, I think it would behoove us all to stop right now and set aside some time to relax or renew our souls in our schedules. All you have to do is decide what activity will be good for you at regular intervals of your choosing and include it in your timeline.The intervals should include a few of the following: daily, weekly/biweekly, monthly/bimonthly, quarterly, and/or yearly. This will be helpful for your mind because it is something to look forward to and it is helpful for your body because it gives you a chance to sit down instead of powering through traumatizing experiences. I already do this with daily stretches and quarterly vacations. I need to add a monthly thing.

The Day You Read This

The encouragement in this video is off the charts.

I can’t remember how I came across this video or where. All I know is that it has lived in the back of my brain since I first heard it and it resurfaces every few years.

I love it. It has everything that you need for a successful video for me. A constant natural rain background, an excellent poem, and a calming voice. I have not been able to find anything like it since. So, click through and give it a listen on a day like today when you could use some extra encouragement because who are we kidding – we could all use some every day.

Click here or click on the picture to listen and live.

Affirm yourself

Daily, hourly, every other minute if you have to. You owe it yo yourself. You can never be too affirmed.

I love affirmations. I think they are so important and necessary. As someone who is constantly thinking, weighing, and considering it is always nice to have a break in my calculating thoughts to reflect on a promise, a positive note, or a comforting idea. At different times in my life I have used affirmations differently. Sometimes they are things that I focus on. Sometimes they are a small, little pick me ups. Sometimes they are life rafts to help me get through. An affirmation is defined as an emotional support or encouragement. I find them in songs, the Bible, and even in little Instagram posts sent to me by friends. So find something that you like and let it speak into your life. Positivity is always welcome.

Fidget Spinners

I know, but I’m begging you to hear me out.

I was gifted my first fidget spinner by a colleague at a student event I was hosting. It was leftover from his giveaways and I was sure he was trying to get rid of things before he had to fly home. “Trust me, you will thank me later,” he said, reading the skepticism all over my face. I took it back to my office put it in a drawer and forgot about it.

One day in the middle of a tense conference call I was looking for something to occupy my mind that wouldn’t distract me…I have loved fidget spinners ever since. If you listen to music, watch tv, or listen to podcasts while working they are for you. If you need tv to sleep or get anxious and need a low stakes calming technique this is for you. So yeah, everyone should try them. They’re great. Thanks Mike.

Is you Happy?

Do you really know what makes you happy?

Okay, yes. Happiness isn’t real. What we are looking for is joy – a feeling that transcends happiness. Joy is a thing that you choose to have no matter the circumstances. So take the time today to consider what brings you joy. What makes you smile? What does your “happy” look like? Then when you figure, it out hold onto that thing for a rainy day when your mood is down. Remember your joy and center on it. Concentrate on that good or do that thing and give yourself a breather and a little bit of joy. You will be glad you did.

(The title is a line in a T.I. song that I like. Don’t judge me okay?)

Plant Mom Life:

I do my best but usually I just kill things...

One of my favorite people on Insta has a small garden where she grows things to eat and to make her happy. Early on in quarantine she made cookies with flowers in them and I thought it was the chicest thing ever. So I ordered the seeds and I have not killed the flowers yet. *crosses fingers* Wish me luck. I will show you the finished product if I can.

Hudson Valley Seed Co is my supplier. Check them out. They sell everything you might ever want to grow: Edible Flower Mix.

Work It Out:

I’m a faux yogi in my head.

I know you have seen this floating around your timelines since like May or something but I don’t like posting without giving credit – so breathe, stretch, shake, let it go and support Michelle. She has a tons of these and they are all freaking awesome.

You can find her on Insta there or here: twitter.com/wabisabimish.

Now Playing:

When I Get Home – Solange

Seriously, if you want to know what I feel in my soul on a humid Texas summer night when I drive down the freeway on the way home from the club at 4:00 a.m. with all my windows down after my obligatory taco and french fry stop (TRUUSSST MEE) then put this album on, close your eyes, and vibe.

Click HERE to Spotify it and get your life.

Need a little more lovin?

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