How I make my New Year count

I like this picture of me and dad that I found recently. I thought it was a good pic to share to start the year.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, but it didn’t seem like the new year until this week really got going.

Even my 9am on Monday morning was very lowkey and chill and for that I am grateful.

I have begun my social media disengagement that I take part of at the beginning of each year. It is a good time for me to take a breather from the inundation of other people’s thoughts and ideas into my brain. A chance for me to relax and exist only in my moment. At first, I was worried about missing things and not being a part of the conversation but now I look forward to this time every year where I can sit back and be with myself, my creative thoughts and speculation, and build on my momentum that I created from my end of year reflections.

I have one big project that I want to do this year. It is sort of an undertaking but I am looking forward to diving into it. I have some details planned out in my mind that I will eventually have to expand on but for right now I am stoked at the possibilities.

I will also take this social media free time to really pray and center myself for the year in the long run. I want to note a few things that I want to consistently and concertedly pray for in life and career and relationships. I find that noting those things now and being specific about them help me when I begin to worry, especially mid-year. It is always a starting point or a stabilizing point to look back on. It helps me to remember what we are really looking to get out of this year and to remember that there are truly some things that are out of my control.

Not sure how long I will be off of social. Sometimes it is just a week. One year I took three months. I just want to make sure I find my groove first. THEN, I will open myself up again to outside interaction.

The only thing I want to do this year as a sort of resolution (I don’t really believe in those either) is to do yoga/stretching every day. I find that those times of movement and push calm me down and stretch my mind and body. If not, I am consistently tighter, in all aspects, than I need to be.

What about you? What are some things that you are looking forward to in the new year? How do you prepare for those interactions and movements?

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