The Perfect (Cold) Open

I do not like get to know you games and icebreakers and things of said nature.

I feel that they make things more awkward and that they are never fun or as interesting as people think they are. I don’t ever learn anything from people when we play them and don’t think I get to see their real personality.

I have however discovered THE BEST question you could ever ask to learn something about a person and so I want to share it with you. I can not, for the life of me, remember where I got this from. So, I can’t credit the guy but I want to share it for me, you, and prosperity!

Name your top starting five for NBA All-time Championship team the LA Lakers but your choices cannot play basketball.

Excellent. Amazing. The best get to know you prompt ever. This is a great question and something that everyone can do because we all, even if you don’t watch basketball, know how good and loved the Lakers have been in history. We also know that the starting five indicates that these players are the best on the team.

But since you are not allowed to use basketball players this allows everyone to interact with the prompt on their own accord and name the top five people that they feel should or could receive this honor. Then in their explanation of why they choose these five people we can get to know how their brain works, what things/activities/movies, books mean a lot to them and why? If you open it up to include places, things, or ideas you might even learn about fun places to travel to, a new kind of car, or even a new type of theology. The possibilities are endliess.

So the next time you have to begin a meeting or get to know a group of people use this ice-breaking prompt and see how well it works, or not, and report back here.

PS: As a second idea you could ask people what their favorite icebreaker question or answer ever was. BUT if they give a question they have to answer it. That might be fun too.

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