Self-Help Continuity

THIS is your reminder to continue your practices that bring you joy and give you peace in the times that you need them most.

These practices are the real things that keep you grounded and help you to move forward on your journey through this life. If you don’t do your yoga, listen to your Bible App, sing at the top of your lungs, go to the gym, or write your weekly blog-post – how do you expect to be able to push through the tough times that will come your way?

I only write this because, about once a week, I realize that the reason that I am so frustrated, upset, and exasperated is because I haven’t participated in anything that fills me with peace or gives me rest Literally, when I do one of the things that I have listed above I can feel a weight lift off my shoulders and my brow un-furrowing. I feel like I can make it through at least one more day.

Now that it is Spring time again (ALMOST SUMMER!!!!), I look forward to sunset so, that I can go to the park and let that warm evening sun light up my face and my heart as it retreats for the day. It gives me a sense of peace and a calming hug of a job well done. It reminds me that the day is coming to an end and that I have done my best. It promises me that everything will soon go to sleep in hopes of a brand new day with new adventures – a hope for tomorrow.

So I say to you, my friend, whatever you do, don’t forget to practice your peace. It is the positivity that we all need to propel us forward each day.

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