The Luxurious Man’s 5 item Christmas List

Honestly, I was about to go to bed. Honestly…but then I remembered that y’all needed me to tell you what to buy your man (or brother or Dad, no judgement) for Christmas because you have no imagination, no ingenuity, no concept of what fly is!

Naw but for real, I started putting this list together of things I would want to buy for a man because sometimes they know what looks and is good but sometimes they just need a little nudging.


I first smelled this scent at a man’s house I went to for a Friendsgiving, so please know this is man approved. ACQUA DI GIÒ smells good friends. It is medium-light and airy enough to wear on it’s own but if you stack it with another heavier scent it becomes heady and dreamy. Yeah…I know. The key notes are marine, bergamot, and cedarwood but I think it is the marine note that gives it the breezy fresh scent. Think tropical climate morning dew. It plays remarkably well with the cedarwood- perfect balance. Buy the this for someone who wears cologne regularly or someone who is just trying it out. You won’t be sorry.

NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Certified Lover Boy”

Now, I am currently on a Drake hiatus, but if you are looking for a classic STATEMENT shoe…THIS would be the one you should buy. I haven’t had a pair of classic Air Force 1’s since high school and I gave them away when I was done with them. However, this is a shoe, and a silhouette, that will never, ever go out of style. Everyone has a pair and everyone should. I currently have the Air Force 1 Shadow because I too, like to be a little different. Think of this purchase as a way to be BOLD while still nodding to tradition.

Seiko Prospex SRP777

There are a lot of watches that I could have included in this list. You know which ones they are and you know how much they cost. I even considered replacing this watch with the Bulova Archive Lunar Pilot Moonwatch because the Omega isn’t the only watch that took an important space flight (Apollo 15, I think). The Seiko Prospex is here though, because it is a tad less talked about and one of the better entry points into the world of the Grand Seiko watch collection that I very much appreciate. So, say hello to a new a new brand family today friend. You alway’s learn something new with me don’t you?

LARQ Bottle PureVis™

Men are always on the move. They workout, they commute, they take long business trips, they meet their friends for random men hangouts (not really sure what goes on there) but when is they last time your guy took HIS OWN water bottle/thermos with him and not yours that he ruins and you keep having to get a new one (I’m projecting again, huh)? Enter the LARQ – literally the best water bottle on the market. It is double insulated, so hot things stay hot and cold things stay cold but, and get this, it has a UV-C LED light (girl?!) inside that purifies the water inside and can also self-clean the bottle. Yes. I know. Its’s Tech! He’ll be in love! So, if you are going to get a man a water bottle, why not get him one that cleans itself and looks very cool? A win all the way around.


And finally, a clothing item. I have been wearing my black bomber a lot lately and if I got paid for every compliment I have received from men, who are also looking for one themselves, I could probably buy this jacket. Okay, fine I could get a good head start. Either way, this is clearly the jacket of the season for men BUT, even if it isn’t “trendy” next year, it will always be a classic style. Trust. I love this version because it is crafted after the original military bomber jacket, it is reversible, water resistant, and comes in a WIDE array of sizes. The color and the red tag just add to the epicness. Get him one of these. He’ll love it. (Besides it’s unisex, so I’m sure you can find some uses for it outfit-wise too.)

Okay, five good things to start off with as you count down the days to Christmas. I think you can take it from here right? Let me know what you end up getting and let me know what I forgot down below. I love to stay in the know.

Happy Holidays boo!

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